Games that just didn’t tickle my pickle Jan-June 2021: Legend of Legacy, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, Baldur’s Gate and Dragon Quest Builders.

Here on Videogames Make Me Happy, I try to offer a corner of the internet to celebrate every that's awesome about this amazing medium, unsullied by the general negativity and toxicity of 'gamer' culture. There is an understanding here that all games are subjectively 'good' to somebody - a lid for every pot and all... Continue Reading →

Review: Northgard

City-builder games, sometimes known as “Colony Sims”, are a subsection of strategy games that are based around taking charge of a city or settlement, and helping it to grow and expand.   They are as old as gaming itself - one of the first and most famous Colony Sim’s was SimCity released in 1989 which... Continue Reading →

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