Games that just didn’t cut the mustard Jun-Dec 2021: Dark Souls, Astria Ascending, Flynn Son of Crimson, Nier Automata and more!

Welcome one and all, to another one of my bi-annual public therapy sessions. You know, I love videogames. But some games are shit, and playing shit games results in a build-up of negativity – negativity which must be purged in the fires of sick journalistic burns, which I will now vomit out onto the Internet.…

A Silent Voice (Koe no Katachi) is a terrible representation of the deaf community. Let’s talk about why.

Here’s a fact: the deaf community are criminally underrepresented in TV, movies and videogames. But you know what’s arguably worse than being underrepresented? Being represented poorly, which deaf characters almost exclusively are, in pretty much every medium. I’m not sure why, but writers and developers across the world seem totally incapable of creating intelligent, confident,…

Horimiya – a wholesome AF rom-com

What is Horimiya? Horimiya (Horisan to Miyamurakun in Japanese, really inventive name there) is a slice-of-life rom-com that aired in early 2021. It is a short, self-contained anime with 1 season and 13 episodes. It was based off of a pretty niche self-published manga series which is probably why it took more than a decade…

Fire Force’s protagonist is not only a snack, but he also comes with a healthy side of positive representation for trauma survivors

Let’s be honest. A lot of people start watching Fire Force because they think there’s going to be lots of hot firefighters to oggle at. If that’s you, then let me save you some time. Fire Force is about fighting fires in much the same way that Attack on Titan is about attacking titans -…

Sword Art Online is not a bad anime, guys. You just don’t like it when male protagonists express their feelings.

Sword Art Online is truly a cursed series. Not because it’s bad – but because it’s cursed to be constantly crapped all over just for having been super popular in 2012. It’s like the Nickelback of anime: nobody knows why they hate it; most people haven’t even watched past the first series; but everybody else…


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