Sword Art Online is not a bad anime, guys. You just don’t like it when male protagonists express their feelings.

Sword Art Online is truly a cursed series. Not because it’s bad – but because it’s cursed to be constantly crapped all over just for having been super popular in 2012. It’s like the Nickelback of anime: nobody knows why they hate it; most people haven’t even watched past the first series; but everybody else… Continue Reading →

Games that just didn’t tickle my pickle Jan-June 2021: Legend of Legacy, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin, Baldur’s Gate and Dragon Quest Builders.

Here on Videogames Make Me Happy, I try to offer a corner of the internet to celebrate every that’s awesome about this amazing medium, unsullied by the general negativity and toxicity of ‘gamer’ culture. There is an understanding here that all games are subjectively ‘good’ to somebody – a lid for every pot and all… Continue Reading →

Let’s talk about Goblin Slayer, and its depiction of sexual violence.

So let me set the scene. I’m browsing my local HMV for a new anime series to watch (I’m old-fashioned so I like to own products outright instead of renting them from streaming services) when season one of Goblin Slayer catches my eye. Huh, Goblin Slayer, I thought. That’s Funimation and Crunchyroll’s little project. How… Continue Reading →


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