A Silent Voice (Koe no Katachi) is a terrible representation of the deaf community. Let’s talk about why.

Here's a fact: the deaf community are criminally underrepresented in TV, movies and videogames. But you know what's arguably worse than being underrepresented? Being represented poorly, which deaf characters almost exclusively are, in pretty much every medium. I'm not sure why, but writers and developers across the world seem totally incapable of creating intelligent, confident,... Continue Reading →

The Truth about MMOs – 7 Ways to Avoid Becoming Addicted

The International Classification of Diseases first recognised “gaming disorder” as a legitimate addiction in June 2018. Previously, the idea that someone could be addicted to playing video games in the same way one could be addicted to, for example, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol or gambling, was absolutely unthinkable - mostly because the psychology of addiction... Continue Reading →

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